core curriculum

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core′ curric`ulum

a school curriculum in which the subjects are correlated to a central theme.
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The ninth edition of this guide to educational objectives in the core curriculum in obstetrics and gynecology offers students and practitioners a concise reference for patient care, medical knowledge, interpersonal and communications skills and procedures in the field.
Results of the 2008 exam released last week show how important it is for high-school students to take a core curriculum classes, officials say.
He said that those who favored a definite core curriculum were called "authoritarian," inducers of passivity and docility rather than independent-mindedness.
Emergency Nursing: Core Curriculum (6th edition) by Emergency Nurses Association, Saunders Publishing (available through Elsevier Australia), RRP $125.
We want to make sure all of these students get the same exposure to the core curriculum, which may mean using different strategies to help them learn English at the same time.
Plus, we have the ability to look broadly across districts and bring the best procedures and thinking to the table," says Seppy Basili, the senior vice president at Kaplan K12 Learning Services, which has worked on the core curriculum with nine large school districts over the last four years, including St.
The debate stems from a proposal to add a second Cross Cultural Analysis Requirement (CCAR), to the undergraduate core curriculum.
Beyond the technological sophistication, the executive MPA and follow-on graduate programs will embody the same core curriculum as the campus-based residential programs, with elective course customization for the AT & L workforce.
Organized by region, each entry includes key facts, history, remarks by students and professors, an examination of curriculum, reputation, general education requirements, the best and worst professors and programs, advising, faculty/student contact, class size, student life, dorms, leisure time and activities, political ideology, and core curriculum.
College faculty are encouraged to discuss these issues with their directors, deans and curriculum committee members, urging the adoption of the concept of a wellness curriculum and, when it becomes available, integrating the actual core curriculum, as recommended by known experts in the performing arts medicine field.
The current iteration of the core curriculum that we've developed was really borne from the first education summit that SHM held in September 2002," Michael J.
Section I is made up of 150 hours of CME courses through ACPE--123 hours from core curriculum and 27 hours on elective topics of interest.