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Noun1.core group - a small group of indispensable persons or things; "five periodicals make up the core of their publishing program"
set - a group of things of the same kind that belong together and are so used; "a set of books"; "a set of golf clubs"; "a set of teeth"
cadre - a nucleus of military personnel capable of expansion
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To ensure progress, a manager should help new loan originators establish a customer core group and maintain proper call frequency with that group.
Best believes Reliance Standard will continue to face competitive pressures in its core group disability and group life products lines in the coming years.
State BJP leaders hopeful on govt formation as party core group meets Shah today
According to sources, the Congress Core Group has decided to withdraw the ordinance.
Core Group Africa (CGA) and Stanbic Bank of Nigeria have joined forces to enable clients to purchase the popular iPad tablet.
During this sixth meeting of the core group of Pakistan, Afghanistan and US, the three countries today agreed to establish two sub groups to accelerate the process of Afghan reconciliation.
Senior officials from the three countries held the fifth meeting of their trilateral Core Group Sunday afternoon at the Afghan embassy in Dushanbe, the Afghan Foreign Ministry said.
In a statement cited in a later article in El Mundo, Anonymous denied that the three arrested suspects were a core group , as stated by the police.
CORE Group Marketing is the exclusive marketing and sales agent.
In separate transactions, ASI acquired four companies that are the shareowners of the CORE Group, an association of family-based seed companies that serve farmers throughout the Corn Belt.
Students in these schools-within-schools would have the same core group of teachers, but would share facilities such as libraries and athletic fields.
Initially, they were understandably concerned about the prospect of additional work, but were reassured when they heard that a core group of five or six supervisors from various departments would take on the bulk of the responsibilities.