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Integration with Corelation KeyStone provides a modern, flexible technology solution to better manage information and serve members
Again, to measure the robustness quantitatively, normalized corelation (NC), shown in (17), where, W and W represent original and extracted watermarks respectively, used [29].
Cytopathological study of cervical smears and corelation of findings with risk factors.
There is a direct corelation between the number of weapons in a society and the number of killings that take place, says Sadiq.
Corelation of pain perception and motivation to seek orthodontic treatment.
Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union selected San Diego-based, Corelation, Inc.
The firm is to implement the Keystone core processing system, which is supplied by Corelation.
Our patient's symptoms appeared earlier(at age one) than reports in the literature (at three to eight years) and all joints were involved yet a definite genotype-phenotype corelation could not be ruled out.
For example, if you're a bank looking for new and improved ways to connect with your clients, Kerauno can tie into Fiserv, Jack Henry and Corelation, enabling you to collect valuable analytic data, achieve greater customer satisfaction and improve retention.
IMM eSign allows the credit union to complete transactions faster in a more secure and controlled electronic manner and to integrate with the credit union's existing technology infrastructure including its core business system, Corelation KeyStone, as well as its online loan application and loan origination systems.
They must not get blinded by the biochemical picture rather should always rely upon the clinical acumen and a critical corelation and interdependence between the two.
Corelation of serum lipids and glycosylated haemoglobin with changes in retina in type-2 diabetes.