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One having the same religion as another.
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(ˌkəʊrɪˈlɪdʒənɪst) or


(Theology) an adherent of the same religion as another
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(ˌkoʊ rɪˈlɪdʒ ə nɪst)

an adherent of the same religion as another.
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Noun1.coreligionist - someone having the same religion as another person
religious person - a person who manifests devotion to a deity
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nGlaubensgenosse m/-genossin f
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Rapaport, as your coreligionist and as the great grandson of Hungarian immigrants, you make me extremely proud.
coreligionist commerce both reveals how impactful these cases can be on
Without religion you can no longer take seriously the consolation of some kind of future life for both the passenger through death and the bereaved, or an ethics based upon (divinely inspired) unconditional love, extended in Christianity to enemy as well as friend or coreligionist. Although R.
There are convincing descriptions of Arbogast's position as virtual ruler of the west, the development of Ids rebellion into the pagan revolt of Nicomachus Flavianus and his coreligionist, and of Theodosius's situation with respect to these events.
Rice met with Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari and other officials in a position to open the government to the Sunnis, who account for only about 20 percent of the Iraqi population but who ruthlessly ruled the country under Saddam Hussein, a coreligionist.
With some exceptions, much of this born-again choir is singing from the right side of the aisle, both in church and on Capitol Hill, blasting their coreligionist in the White House while lauding the Speaker of the House and wooing nearly every Republican presidential hopeful (Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania being the notable exception).
John Kerry, despite being a coreligionist, had lost the Catholic vote in 2004 by 52 to 47 percent.
Allusion to "holding out against symphyletai, persecutors like their Judean coreligionist victims of the Jews" (1 Thess.
The Druze politician reassured Jumblatt (without naming him) that his blood and that of his clan would be spared by a truly authentic coreligionist Druze meaning himself.
Jumblatt, faced with Samir Kontar's release, decided it was best to co-opt the released prisoner as best he could, because he had no alternative as paramount Druze leader but to welcome his coreligionist, but also to avoid Kontar's being used against him politically by Hizbullah.
Members of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) run Assam - and critics say the NRC process reflects the BJP's goal to serve only its coreligionists.
Furnell added, "What we do is work with coreligionists who share our mission." Allowing the agency to do this, she said, is "adding to the diversity of options."