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A construction and insulating sheet material made of compressed and baked granules of cork.
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(Building) a thin slab made of granules of cork, used as a floor or wall finish and as an insulator
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(ˈkɔrkˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

1. an insulating material made of compressed cork, used in building, for industrial purposes, etc.
2. a bulletin board made of this material.
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Noun1.corkboard - a heat-insulating building material consisting of cork granules that are made into sheets by compressing and baking
insulant, insulating material, insulation - a material that reduces or prevents the transmission of heat or sound or electricity
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Alma uses the traditional whiteboard, and corkboard too.
Speaking about a corkboard full of messages that sailors would leave one another in a bar that had since sunk into the ocean: "The corkboard and all the words it bore taking on a different meaning entirely, a previously unseen meaning, a meaning that breaks through the frontier of that sometimes insipid feeling between us that suddenly, upon disappearance, becomes essential." What happens when reality comes in?
will know that the process of building a genealogical timeline involves trawling through libraries and archives to dig out birth certificates and hospital records, before pinning sepia photos to a corkboard with pieces of string connecting Aunt Dilys to Great Aunt Phyllis.
I had different art versions of 'Study Very Well' each year on my corkboard. I decorated my calendars and made colorful notes.
Add some corkboard to the back of the closet, which will now function as a bulletin board.
If you've ever browsed through Pinterest, the viral digital corkboard for life inspiration, you probably noticed pins with an enticing color scheme and a decadent layout tend to get shared more than others.
The instructor puts them through exercises like standing in-hand and on a corkboard for an hour twice a week.
After new products arrive and find their place in the store, Strano has images of these products and some information about them displayed on a new product corkboard in the employee break room.
Among the newspapers on my desk at work is one pinned to the corkboard of my cubicle with a headline that screams: "Extra, Extra, Read All About It!
In the scene depicting this breakdown the detective is at a corkboard arranging all of his facts on pieces of paper, connecting like topics with pins and bits of string.
That building had once been a school, obvious through the identical classroom-sized rooms with chalk or corkboard lining the walls, the hooks for coats in the back of each room, and the gym on the top floor with basketball hoops on either end of the large room and the letters BLS painted into a logo in the middle of the wood floor.