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 (kôr′kĭng) Slang
Splendid; fine: a corking party.
Used as an intensive: a corking good story.

[From corker.]


(prenominal) slang Brit excellent


(ˈkɔr kɪŋ)
Informal. adj.
1. excellent; fine.
2. very: a corking good time.
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Adj.1.corking - very goodcorking - very good; "he did a bully job"; "a neat sports car"; "had a great time at the party"; "you look simply smashing"
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
good - having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified; "good news from the hospital"; "a good report card"; "when she was good she was very very good"; "a good knife is one good for cutting"; "this stump will make a good picnic table"; "a good check"; "a good joke"; "a good exterior paint"; "a good secretary"; "a good dress for the office"


adj (dated Brit, inf) → Klasse- (inf); a corking gameein Klassespiel nt (inf)
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But there is a lot of processing in between stripping the bark and corking a bottle.
Moreover, the corks are easily extractable and resealable with all available corkscrews and can be used in standard corking machines.
The synthetic cork can be inserted by all standard corking machines; uniform size (each stopper weighs between 7 and 9 grams) and compressibility increase production and quality.