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adj. cork·i·er, cork·i·est
1. Of or resembling cork.
2. Informal Lively; buoyant.

cork′i·ness n.


(ˈkɔr ki)

adj. cork•i•er, cork•i•est.
1. of the nature of cork; corklike.
2. (of wine, brandy, etc.) spoiled, esp. by a tainted cork.
cork′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.corky - (of wine) tainted in flavor by a cork containing excess tannin; "a corked port"
bad - having undesirable or negative qualities; "a bad report card"; "his sloppy appearance made a bad impression"; "a bad little boy"; "clothes in bad shape"; "a bad cut"; "bad luck"; "the news was very bad"; "the reviews were bad"; "the pay is bad"; "it was a bad light for reading"; "the movie was a bad choice"


Informal. Displaying light-hearted nonchalance:


adjKork-, korkartig; tasteKork-, korkig
References in classic literature ?
We thought the tissued, infiltrated head of the Sperm Whale, was the lightest and most corky part about him; and yet thou makest it sink in an element of a far greater specific gravity than itself.
Either way, Violet is a figure of powerful and potentially dangerous female sexuality, and the tensions superimposed onto her come to the foreground in the second scene I want to look at: the confrontation between Violet and Corky over sexual and identity politics.
I offer that response to the film--product of a desire for Violet (Jennifer Tilly); a willing identification with Corky (Gina Gershon); and a disidentification with Caesar (Joe Pantoliano) -- not only as a measure of Bound's success, but also as a measure of the genre's own formal and historical preoccupation with the construction/ deconstruction of masculinities, female masculinities included.
British professionals Sammy Stopford and Barbara McColl came in first in the Latin with their sultry rumba, as well as in their cha cha cha, samba, and paso doble, but couldn't beat the dynamic Corky and Shirley Ballas in the jive.
Sea World, a division of Busch Entertainment Corporation, has released a statement in rebuttal, reporting that, "Within the last year, groups of independent marine mammal experts from all over the world have studied the question of releasing long-term zoological killer whales like Corky, and each one has concluded that such projects would be ill-advised.
Galls are woody at first, later spongy or corky in appearance.
SAN DIEGO -- The Corky McMillin Companies, one of Southern California's most successful developers of master planned communities, has announced the addition of Stratford Land as a new partner in the ownership of the Millenia development.
Eisenberg has been named as the new director of the college's The Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate.
WE ARE off to London on Monday, bound for the prestigious Godolphin Stud and Stable Staff Awards ceremony at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel with all fingers firmly crossed at Seven Barrows that Corky Browne, my indispensable right-hand man since day one 33 years ago, will win the Dedication to Racing Award, which he so richly deserves.
Kristina and Corky, 47, also a TV star in the US, have been embroiled in a bitter breakup since he spoke about her role in Strictly to the Sunday Mirror last month.
The film does struggle when it plays old-fashioned Nancy against her cool Los Angeles schoolmates, saddling her with a supremely irritating fat-kid sidekick called Corky (Josh Flitter).
Guest is brilliant as the camp Corky St Clair, delusioned Broadway refugee who now the drama teacher at the high school in the town of Blaine, proud of its title as " the stool capital of the world" (as in footstool, incidentally).