corn bread

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or corn bread (kôrn′brĕd′)
Bread made from cornmeal.
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corn bread

1. (Cookery) a kind of bread made from maize meal. Also called: Indian bread
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corn′ bread`

or corn′bread`,

a bread, esp. a quick bread, made with cornmeal.
[1740–50, Amer.]
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The field for the exhibition of her creative instinct was painfully small, and the only use she had made of it as yet was to leave eggs out of the corn bread one day and milk another, to see how it would turn out; to part Fanny's hair sometimes in the middle, sometimes on the right, and sometimes on the left side; and to play all sorts of fantastic pranks with the children, occasionally bringing them to the table as fictitious or historical characters found in her favorite books.
I think the slaves felt the deprivation less than the whites, because the usual diet for slaves was corn bread and pork, and these could be raised on the plantation; but coffee, tea, sugar, and other articles which the whites had been accustomed to use could not be raised on the plantation, and the conditions brought about by the war frequently made it impossible to secure these things.
They are generally those dyspeptic ladies and gentlemen who eat unheard-of quantities of hot corn bread (almost as good for the digestion as a kneaded pin-cushion), for breakfast, and for supper.
The BBQ Platter featured pulled pork, chicken, sausage, double order of beef brisket, a full rack of ribs, coleslaw, fries, corn bread, pit beans, hot potato salad, pickles and white bread.
She also prepares a hearty dive-in dish of beef chilli and jalapeno corn bread and some vibrant salads - Brussels sprout slaw and pomegranate and parsley tabbouleh - plus, for dessert a chocolate eclair roll and passion fruit bundt.
The menu includes all-you-can-eat ham and beans, vegetable soup, fresh corn bread, homemade slaw, homemade pies and cakes and drinks including iced tea, lemonade, cherry drink, iced water, and hot coffee.
While the corn bread is baking, prepare the chilli.
The recipes comprising "Instant One-Pot Meals" range from Vanilla Yogurt with Honey and Peaches; Chicken and Sausage Gumbo; Spicy Turkey Sloppy Joes; and Pimento Cheese Dip; to Corn Bread Dressing; Peach Pepper Jelly; Brown Sugar BBQ Ribs; and Cinnamon Roll Pull-Apart Bread.
Tender Cochinillo with crispy crackling skin, moist Roast Turkey with choice of Herbed Corn Bread, American-Style Bread, Relleno de Pabo or Spanish-Style Relleno stuffing, flavorful Paella Valenciana, Marinera or De Legumbres, tasty Chicken Relleno and Chicken Galantina, fork-tender Pastel de Lengua, meaty Beef Lasagna or rich Callos Madrilena.
"Hound Dawg" is the fascinating story of a lazy hound dawg who loved corn bread but never did anything to help make it.