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Noun1.corn dance - a rain dance of Amerindianscorn dance - a rain dance of Amerindians    
rain dance - a ritual dance intended to bring rain
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Members of three pueblos were invited to perform the Corn Dance before the start of the opera.
Early season hotspots for those lucky enough to have a quota permit for the Addition Unit will be the area at the Southern end where it joins with the Corn Dance unit.
But when we've attended their festivals--the Corn Dance, the Deer Dance--I've seen pride, spirit, and the power of tradition.
Several black and white reproductions accompany the essay, including the jacket design for the 1927 edition of Mornings in Mexico, which incorporated Lawrence's own drawing of the Corn Dance. In this case, it is Brett's version that is superior.
Natives, as we know, can make music out of almost anything, so Songs of The Seminole Indians of Florida features songs about hunting ("Hunting Song Dance") growing corn ("Calusa Corn Dance Song", a legacy of the now extinct Calusa Nation, one of the original Florida tribes who were destroyed by Spanish Coquistadors in the 18th century and "Corn Dance Song" and songs like "The Snake Dace Song", "Bird Dance Song", and "Buffalo Dance Song"--yes, there were bison living in North & Central Florida until they too were eliminated by Europeans in the 1700's--which celebrate the Seminole & Micosukee's wild neighbors.
Late July and early August was Hash Luak Mosholi (Month of the fires all out) when corn reached its roasting stage and the tribe danced the Green Corn Dance. The Green Corn Festival lasted several weeks and was a time for thanks.
As owner of Santa Fe's Corn Dance Care, Oden says, "I offer a taste of Native America for today's palate."