corn field

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Noun1.corn field - a field planted with corncorn field - a field planted with corn    
grain field, grainfield - a field where grain is grown
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The whole world seemed to Ray Pearson to have become alive with something just as he and Hal had suddenly become alive when they stood in the corn field stating into each other's eyes.
He seemed to have lost his own sense of what had happened in the corn field and when he put up a strong hand and took hold of the lapel of Ray's coat he shook the old man as he might have shaken a dog that had misbehaved.
On 15 August a Ural Airlines A321 flight U6178 took off from Moscow's Zhukovsky International Airport and while climbing at 750 feet it was hit by a flock of large birds which damaged both engines and pilot managed to land in a corn field just near the runway.
A view shows the Ural Airlines A321 plane after a hard landing on a corn field near Moscow's Zhukovsky airport on August 15, 2019.
The two women, identified as Shahnaz Bibi and Shmim Akhtar were grazing their cattle when the four men kidnapped them, brought them to a corn field and gang raped the sisters.
They had been trying to cross the river purposely to harvest corn at the corn field at around 4 pm yesterday and upon reaching the middle of said river the boat (bangka) capsized due to overloading and strong current.
The objectives of this study were to (1) calculate NDVI values for each corn field for each growing season, (2) develop a simple linear regression model between NDVI derived from satellite-based remote sensing and tabulated [K.sub.c] obtained of alfalfa-based crop coefficient from ASCE Manual 70, (3) generate [K.sub.c] maps using the linear regression equation obtained between NDVI and [K.sub.c] values, and (4) create [ET.sub.c] maps with high spatial resolution at regional and field scales.
All the bowhunter could do was watch as the buck ran over the steep ridge top towards a corn field. At that point, many hunters' hearts would have sunk, but not Tim's.
The target corn field was located within 5 km from the weather stations.
A MAN who died after being struck by a car ran straight out into the road from a corn field, an inquest has heard.
A MAN died after running into a road from a corn field and being struck by a car, an inquest has heard.