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Noun1.corn fritter - fritter containing corn or corn kernels
fritter - small quantity of fried batter containing fruit or meat or vegetables
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After a velvety oyster soup came shad and cucumbers, then a young broiled turkey with corn fritters, followed by a canvas-back with currant jelly and a celery mayonnaise.
I selected New Orleans quail a whole bird rubbed in chef 's own Cajun seasoning, served with pan-fried banana, corn fritter and stock sauce.
The Onion bhaji flavour was really well spiced, and sat with a little corn fritter, though its "naan" tasted like stodgy potato bread.
The kicker on this one is a green onion and sweet corn fritter, sort of an angelic version of a hush puppy.
The same could not be said for the three patties - one of pork and potato, one corn fritter and a lobster fish cake, they were left floundering and forgettable after the ribs and meatballs.
Breast of pigeon with a slice of foie gras wrapped in savoy cabbage with corn fritter underneath and a truffle sauce.
Her corn fritter recipe uses coconut milk, sweet rice flour and finely minced coriander and scallions for Asian style.
According to the executive, More Electric Bread is the first bread machine book to go this Extra step: "We show them how to use [the recipe for] garlic blue to form and make hamburger buns and how to take corn fritter bread, cut it and fry it to make corn fritters," she added.
This rich, buttery delicacy is prepared corn fritter and rockefeller style, as well as sauteed and is served with exotic garnishes, meyer lemon cream and garlic mashed potatoes (served with entree only).
Summer Corn Fritter - As the summer vegetable of choice, the sweetness of the corn is the star in this light side dish.
After much deliberation I opted for the Scotch rib-eye steak, while my partner went for the chicken Maryland out of curiosity - it was described as 'breaded chicken with corn fritter and deep fried banana'.
MASSACHUSETTS Jean Dziedzinski of Chelmsford, MA - Late Summer Layered Crustless Quiche (Breakfast/Brunch) Teresa Hasu of Framingham, MA - Shrimp & Corn Chowder with Corn Fritter Bites (Soups/Chowders) Debra Breor of Greenfield, MA - Stuffed Mushrooms (Appetizers/Side Dishes) Allison Lehane of Newbury, MA - Salmon Baked in Puff Pastry with Chardonnay Sour Cream Sauce (Lunch/Dinner) Marjorie Robinson of Longmeadow, MA - Flanuccino (Dessert)