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 (kôrn′bôl′) Slang
One who behaves in a mawkish or unsophisticated manner.
Mawkish or unsophisticated; corny: a kid's cornball humor.

[From corn ball, a ball of popcorn and molasses.]
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a person given to mawkish or unsophisticated behaviour
another word for corny
[C20: from corn ball a sweet consisting of a ball of popcorn and molasses]
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Informal. n.
1. a person who indulges in clichés or sentimentality.
2. a country bumpkin; hick.
3. corny.
[1835–45, Amer.; compare screwball, oddball]
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[ˈkɔːnbɔːl] N (US) → paleto/a m/f
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Despite the calibrated charm of your star, Jay Hernandez (who casually assumes Tom Selleck's defining role, knowing full well that a hint of a stubbly goatee is no match for the 'stache), your pilot episode is an uninspired slop of cornball action and opening misfires.
And unfortunately, while there's nothing theoretically wrong with an over-abundance of cornball sentimentality, you have to be competent enough to sell that.
Fourth place went to Fox's "The Greatest Showman," a "good old-fashioned cornball PG musical" (so says about larger-than-life circus impresario P.T.
We mean, even if you never stop there you KNOW it's coming because of its ubiquitous and cornball billboards that start about 100 miles before you get there.
Yet each time I wrote or said something positive about his bowhunting talent, he'd dismiss any compliments by smiling and saying, "Don't spoil my bad reputation." What Maggie was, actually, was bowhunting's goodwill ambassador and good-humor man, delivering a positive message of legal, ethical, and safe bunting wrapped up in a cornball comedy routine.
Following the show, Ross took to Twitter and called Rock "( washed up ." In 2016, the rapper slammed the stand-up star even further, calling him a "( cornball ." The hip-hop artist said, "Chris Rock, he a cornball.
Cornball T-shirts that say things like "JC/DC" with "Jesus Christ/Demon Crusher" or other such nonsense on them.
It sounds so cornball, but being sexy is really feeling it inside, says Samuels.
This Widow, then, was all about cornball humour interspersed with some well-sung interludes.
Although Dracula at one point reprimands a comrade by telling him, "We don't have time for zingers," "Hotel Transylvania 2" is awash in throwaway one-liners, to the point that its plot comes across as just a rickety skeleton designed to prop up Sandler and company's litany of cornball punchlines and gags.
This little known moment of solidarity between two oppressed groups should have made for a stirring, anti-Tory comedy-drama, but instead we get simplistic, rather cliched featherweight cornball. It stars Dominic West, George Mackay and Ben Schnetzer as well-meaning gay activists, but finding anyone who wants the contents of their collection buckets proves a struggle until they stumble upon a tiny pit village in South Wales.
NEW YORK -- Get ready for a familiar mix of gentle, cornball jokes and country music when a stage version of "Hee Haw'' lands in Texas this fall.