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A structure for storing and drying ears of corn.
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(Agriculture) chiefly US and Canadian a ventilated building for the storage of unhusked maize
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a ventilated structure for the storage of corn ears.
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A small building intended for storing ears of corn. The walls were of wooden slats separated from each other enough to allow good air circulation for drying the corn, but not enough for the ears to fall out of the crib.
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Noun1.corncrib - a crib for storing and drying ears of corn
crib - a bin or granary for storing grains
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Beyond the corncribs, at the bottom of the shallow draw, was a muddy little pond, with rusty willow bushes growing about it.
In Chapter XIII, Temple is held captive in the barn's corncrib, "[s]itting in the cottonseed hulls, in the litter of gnawed corn-cobs" when Popeye approaches Temple ominously.
Desperate "to be educated and cultured," as he wrote in his unpublished memoir, he started putting on plays in the corncrib at the family farm in Nebraska with Harriet, the one sibling who enjoyed his company, and arrived at international, albeit transient, fame as a young man.
Taking stylistic cues from a corncrib on the property, she used laths from the owners' dilapidated barn to make walls that shelter the south-facing kitchen from the sun.
The next fine day they sat on a blanket in the field and shucked the corn with little blades strapped to their hands, throwing the yellow ears into baskets to be picked up later and put in the corncrib for chicken feed.
On his way, he noticed that the pigs hadn't been slopped, so he went to the corncrib, where he found some sacks.
(3) It had deteriorated to the point that it was no longer useful as a corncrib. Across the road, a brick house with a brick porch on at least two sides distracted my attention for a moment.
They include aspects of painting the corncrib, buying a loaf of bread, and kissing behind a tree.
Por esta razon, evaluamos el estado de vitamina D en la sangre de monos Rhesus (Macaca mulatta) alojados bajo altas cantidades de luz solar ("corncrib"), exposition mediana de luz solar media (corrales con areas sombreadas) y minima luz solar (jaulas de cuarentena).
Maybe it was the life-size black rubber rats climbing up the side of a metal corncrib. Either way, onlookers figured out pretty quickly that the dis play managed by Shawn Ashby represented a sharp detour from business as usual.
Thus Temple's encounter with Red places her in the same position of victimhood she occupied in the corncrib with Popeye: as a corpse or a dying fish, Temple's role remains utterly passive.