Angle bead

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(Arch.) a bead worked on or fixed to the angle of any architectural work, esp. for protecting an angle of a wall.

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In this article we'll show you how to build the frame, hang the drywall, and finish the project with corner bead and drywall tape.
Steel Drum has fabricated corner bead and trim products for drywall corner finishing since 2003.
Back then, the easiest drywall clip was to cut a piece of corner bead into 2 in.
Similar metal products, such as wind brace, brick bond, corner bead and strapping are also offered.
Drywall Hanging Basics * Mechanical Taping Tools * Mastering Corner Bead * Drywall Finishes * Problems, Remedies, and Preventive Measures * Mechanical Taping Tools
Suppliers of scrap drywall need to be educated that wood, corner bead, electrical wire, plastic, pop cans, lunch bags and any other contamination must be eliminated.
For his carefully composed, near-monochrome paintings and wall sculptures, Ketter, an American living in Sweden, uses common hardware-store materials--latex paint, joint compound, steel corner bead, gypsum wallboard--and methods borrowed from his experiences as a carpenter to create "trace paintings" in which labor and art are one.
These strips resemble corner bead lath used in drywall construction but are manufactured more rigid for stucco.
The plant's primary product, paper-faced corner bead, is used to create interior corners that withstand the wear-and-tear of normal building use.
Bailey will license its paper faced metal corner bead product to Dietrich to manufacture and sell in most of the United States.
The International Code Conference Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) has certified, in report ESR-2698, that Dietrich's Junior Diamond Mesh Lath, Self-Furred Diamond Mesh Lath, 3/8-inch Riblath, Self-furring Dimpled and V-Grooved Paperback Diamond Mesh Lath, Cornerite, Striplath, and 1-A Expanded Flange Corner Bead products are code compliant building products and are approved for construction use even when not specifically named in existing codes.
A good-quality metal corner bead will cover a gap and hold up as well as a perfectly flush corner--without the fuss.