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Noun1.corner post - a square post supporting a structural member at the corner of a building
post - an upright consisting of a piece of timber or metal fixed firmly in an upright position; "he set a row of posts in the ground and strung barbwire between them"
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I never let on, an away we went, me not even knowin' the horses--but, say, if you'd seen me throw them leaders clean to the top of the manure till the nigh horse was scrapin' the side of the barn to make it, an' the off hind hub was cuttin' the corner post of the paddock to miss by six inches.
His first came after a flowing cross-field move from corner post to corner post, and his second arrived via Tom Lineham's fumbling of Danny McGuire's bomb - an error by the former Hull league ts 0 2 69928640 0 7 54832530 1 7 51939629 1 7 51545629 0 10 508 452 22 1 11 387 601 21 1 10 481 436 19 1 11 424 496 19 2 12 419 489 18 1 14 456 566 15 0 15 336 531 12 0 19 363 601 6 FC winger which delighted the east Hull crowd.
The Giants hit back after 23 minutes when teenage winger Senior finished off a slick handling move by the corner post for his third try in two games.
And in 14 minutes, Berg scored by picking the left corner post as keeper Fahad Al Dhanhani dived the other way.
Cracks deep enough to fit a pen have appeared on a corner post of the lahar-buried San Guillermo Church here, indicating that its bell tower has started to detach from the main structure.
The four-try bonus point was assured on 25 minutes when Hallam Amos rode a tackle to stay just inside the left corner post, full-back Tom Prydie adding the conversion to all four scores.
Create some maneuvering room by unbolting the top rail from the corner post and sliding it away from the damaged area.
This type of bed is a great way to start making raised beds--just grab some planks and something to serve as a corner post.
The youngster became trapped in the strap of a Hello Kitty bag when it got caught on a corner post as she climbed out of bed on December 15.
Then Lightfoot's strike hit the corner post and went wide.
But then minutes after Eastmond had been ruled to have hit the corner post in an attempt to score, Smith picked up a sublime kick from McGuire and the game was the Rhinos to lose.
Optional features for specification also include automatic film reel changing using a simple 'Patented' design, plus for automatic corner post applications there is the option of a magazine for several types/sizes of comer board as required.