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also corner back  (kôr′nər-băk′)
n. Abbr. CB Football
Either of two defensive backs normally positioned behind the linebackers and toward the sidelines.


(American Football) American football a defensive back


(ˈkɔr nərˌbæk)

a defensive back in football who covers the area behind the line of scrimmage near the sideline.
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Noun1.cornerback - a defensive football player stationed outside the linebackers
football player, footballer - an athlete who plays American football
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Peterson, who recorded 42 tackles with three interceptions last season for the Cardinals, believed the landmark contract for cornerbacks is important for his confidence as he looks to produce big numbers next season.
Mitchell is not listed among the top 100 cornerbacks in the draft, according to cbssportsline.
Considered one of the top free agents available and coveted by several teams, Asomugha spent eight seasons with the Oakland Raiders where he earned the reputation as one of the league s best shutdown cornerbacks.
Bodden isn't one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, but he was the best the Patriots had.
As a result of the rare physical gifts required, cornerbacks command the highest salaries of any defenders in the NFL; the top five earners average EUR9.
Cornerbacks Rod Hood (heel) and Lito Sheppard (ankle) are doubtful.
Cornerbacks Gary Baxter and Leigh Bodden are questionable.