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 (kôr′nər-wīz′) also cor·ner·ways (-wāz′)
1. With a corner toward the front.
2. So as to form a corner.
3. From corner to corner; diagonally.


(ˈkɔːnəˌwaɪz) or


adv, adj
with a corner in front; diagonally


(ˈkɔr nərˌwaɪz)

also cor•ner•ways


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Dr Sudershan Kumar Verma, in his late 60s, "smirked" and talked business as he slid his hands up the woman''s thighs at Liverpool''s Cornerways Medical Centre last year.
Cornerways Nursery, the award-winning horticulture business arm of British Sugar, has described the Eurokctt Matrix labelling equipment purchased from Advanced Dynamics for its showpiece production site in Norfolk, as "perfect" for the job.
Tickets are pounds 5, from Huw Rogers, Cornerways, 1 St Mary's View, Coychurch, CF35 5HL, or phone 01656 862443 or 07879 013420.
W Arrowsmith, extensions and alterations including reconfiguration of access, Cornerways, 26 New road, Netherthong.
The five-inch long wound was only discovered when she was moved to hospital from the council-run Cornerways home in Winchester, Hants, with a chest infection.
They drive so roughly and blink indicators after entering from the cornerways of a road/street.
His large backward-growing-all-round-the-chin-gingery-whiskered face was lit up with a pair of little roving red-lidded pig eyes, that were constantly on the watch,--sideways, lengthways, cornerways, all ways save frontways.
Garages are even scarcer - which makes Cornerways in 12 Chestnut Walk a real rarity.
Michael Richard Homes has launched its new show apartment at Cornerways in Solihull Lodge.
NORTH ELMHAM: Grade II-listed Cornerways House is the second oldest house in the village.
The bullet penetrated over 4 feet of elk cornerways just missing the heart, took out the liver and stopped against the ham bone on the opposite side.