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The leafy husk of an ear of corn.


(Agriculture) US and Canadian the outer protective covering of an ear of maize; the chaff



the husk of an ear of corn.
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Noun1.cornhusk - the husk of an ear of corn
husk - outer membranous covering of some fruits or seeds
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Make pioneer crafts such as cornhusk dolls, craft clay beads, spin fibers into yarn and weave on a loom.
Similar floral compositions were also executed in cornhusk, yarn and hemp, in addition to the geometric designs applied women's rectangular bags.
Children of the Corn," the 1984 film based on Stephen King's short story, doesn't actually include cornhusk monsters, but victims are crucified on cornhusk crosses.
Get inspired by these awesome cornhusk dolls made by artist Elizabeth Doxtator (left).
Mr Taco is the final destination in Doha of those who love Tamales - a Mexican dish made out of corn-based dough steamed in a cornhusk, pointed out Sylvia.
A green cornhusk stuck like toilet paper to the sole of her shoe; she was too weak to shake it off.
From a handmade family heirloom dining table to cornhusk brooms, black children's cold bare feet in late autumn, newspaper-insulted walls, church spirituals, and oiling door hinges with lard to keep them from squeaking, the author goes to great lengths to accurately and richly set the place and time.
Some examples include superhero costumes, prancing pony puppets, cornhusk dolls and forest folk nature crafts, a toy train or race car, and a treasure hunt game with a winning trophy.
Eaten straight from their cornhusk wrapping, fragrant with good corn masa, pork and chilies, they immediately hit the spot.
Some bodies pass through more easily than others; that body which melts on the tongue, or that which can be wrapped in a cornhusk.
Chef Olvera injects a ribbon of smoke into each gourd from a gun loaded with cornhusk kindling and quickly caps it with the dried top.
This delicious dish is made of masa (a corn-based dough) steamed inside a leaf or cornhusk wrapper.