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1. The husking of corn.
2. A social gathering for husking corn. Also called husking bee.

corn′husk′er n.


the removal of the husk from corn


(ˈkɔrnˌhʌs kɪŋ)

1. the removing of the husks from corn.
[1780–90, Amer.]
corn′husk`er, n.
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Noun1.cornhusking - a social gathering for the purpose of husking corncornhusking - a social gathering for the purpose of husking corn
bee - a social gathering to carry out some communal task or to hold competitions
2.cornhusking - the act of removing the husks from ears of corn
baring, denudation, husking, stripping, uncovering - the removal of covering
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Cornhusking once got national coverage-Life, Newsweek, radio, newsreels-hence the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
The brave can try to find their way out of this year's cornfield maze, while the rest try their hand at the cornhusking race.
State and national cornhusking contests began in 1924 and continued until 1941, when the contests were suspended during World War II.
A couple years later, the Iowa farm boy--by then a seasoned picker--read an article in the big city daily newspaper about a national cornhusking contest.
When writer Jerry Schleicher dropped in on the 2011 National Cornhusking Contest, he stepped back in time by 70 years or more.
It's a mild morning in October as a shotgun blast signals the start of the next round of competition at the National Cornhusking Contest.
The January 2011 issue of Farm Collector carried an article on cornhusking competitions.
That tradition is honored today by members of the National Cornhuskers Assn., who bring the past to life each fall in cornhusking competitions held in nine states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio and South Dakota.
In 1938, the Illinois cornhusking competition was held at his family's farm near Modesto, 111.
19, 1985: Ohio state contest, novice class (Mapha's debut in competitive cornhusking): 85 lbs.