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a. A horizontal molded projection that crowns or completes a building or wall.
b. The uppermost part of an entablature.
a. A strip of molding that runs along the upper part of a wall just below the ceiling.
b. An ornamental horizontal molding or frame used to conceal rods, picture hooks, or other devices.
3. An overhanging mass of windblown snow on a ridge or the crest of a mountain.
tr.v. cor·niced, cor·nic·ing, cor·nic·es
To supply, decorate, or finish with or as if with a cornice.

[Obsolete French, from Italian, possibly from Latin cornīx, cornīc-, crow, from its resemblance to a crow's beak (influenced by Greek korōnis, curved line, flourish).]


1. (Architecture) having or decorated with a cornice
2. (Physical Geography) having an overhanging ledge of snow
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This leads to a vestibule entrance with Minton tiled floor and corniced ceiling.