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One of a pair of tubular organs on the abdomen of an aphid, from which the insect secretes a waxy fluid when attacked.

[Latin corniculum, little horn; see corniculate.]
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a wax-secreting organ on an aphid's abdomen that is shaped like a horn
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Emergence hole located anterior to cornicles or sometimes removing one of the cornicle was about rounded, bearing an emergence lid or on average absent.
From northern Europe, the word traveled south again to become a cognate of the Latin cornu, the basis for the English word for grains (and the specific version seen in Iowa), for several scientific words (e.g., cornicle, cornify, etc.), for the unicorn as a mythical beast, for the region of Capricorn in the zodiac, for the cornucopia, an object Americans associated with the Thanksgiving celebration, and for the musical bugle, akin to the cornet.
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