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intr.v. cor·ni·fied, cor·ni·fy·ing, cor·ni·fies
To undergo cornification.
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Character Irenomys Euneomys Neotomys Tail length >HBL <HBL <HBL Palate topography flat, ridged, ridged, uncomplicated foraminated foraminated Premaxillo-maxillary dorso-ventrally sharply sharply suture oriented angled angled Spinous process on absent absent present zygomatic plate Interfrontal present absent present fontanelles Alisphenoid strut present present (a) absent Facial circulation complete complete incomplete Caecum complex single single Cornified stomach extensive extensive reduced epithelium 2n (FN) 64 (98) (b) 34-36-42 70 (68) (d) (62 to 66) (c) (a) Contrary to the condition noted by Steppan (1995:40), we recorded the alisphenoid strut in Euneomys as present and bony.
(43) By the time skin cells reach the skin's surface, they become cornified or horn-like, transforming into protein-rich bricks tightly bound together by a layer of mortar composed of various lipids, up to 50% of which are ceramides.
The SC is made up of corneocytes: terminally differentiated keratinocytes, highly cross-linked by transglutaminases with cornified envelope proteins such as loricrin, involucrin, filaggrin, and small proline-rich proteins.
They are usually restricted to the nonliving cornified layer of the epidermis because of their inability to penetrate viable tissue of an immunocompetent host.
Neutrophils within the cornified layer as clues to infection by superficial fungi," The American Journal of Dermatopathology, vol.
AD is associated with marked decrease in skin barrier function due to the downregulation of cornified envelope genes like filaggrin and loricrin reduced ceramide levels increased proteolytic enzymes and enhanced transepidermal water loss.
Diestrus was identified by predominance of small cells (leukocytes) as well as larger, round, nucleated epithelial cells and cornified epithelial cells; diestrus II by leukocytes and round, nucleated epithelial cells with few cornified epithelial cells; proestrus by round, nucleated epithelial cells; and estrus by cornified epithelial cells.
Fully developed lesions show pale acanthotic epidermis and beneath the original cornified layer, recognizable by its basket-wave appearance, the very beginning of formation of a scale-crust can be seen (7).
Surrounding the hair shaft was a layer of cornified cells similar to, and continuous with, the stratum corneum.
The fatty acid of skin, predominantly of ceramides and glucosylceramides provides adhesion between adjacent cornified epidermal cells.
Chronically protruded penis becomes dry, fissured and cornified resulting in gangrene or necrosis in longstanding cases [2,4,3].
Vaginal Smears: Estrous cyclicity was monitored by vaginal smears obtained between 0800 and 1200 hours, and assessed by light microscopy for the relative proportion of leukocytes, epithelial and cornified cells found in daily vaginal lavages, which characteristically change during different stages of the estrous cycle.