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intr.v. cor·ni·fied, cor·ni·fy·ing, cor·ni·fies
To undergo cornification.
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43) By the time skin cells reach the skin's surface, they become cornified or horn-like, transforming into protein-rich bricks tightly bound together by a layer of mortar composed of various lipids, up to 50% of which are ceramides.
The SC is made up of corneocytes: terminally differentiated keratinocytes, highly cross-linked by transglutaminases with cornified envelope proteins such as loricrin, involucrin, filaggrin, and small proline-rich proteins.
Diestrus was identified by predominance of small cells (leukocytes) as well as larger, round, nucleated epithelial cells and cornified epithelial cells; diestrus II by leukocytes and round, nucleated epithelial cells with few cornified epithelial cells; proestrus by round, nucleated epithelial cells; and estrus by cornified epithelial cells.
Those members testified that foie gras birds appeared better off than most factory-farmed poultry, and confirmed the view that the throats of birds used for foie gras are lined with a cornified epithelium, "a very tough esophagus that can accept a great deal of abuse," in the words of Dr.
Chronically protruded penis becomes dry, fissured and cornified resulting in gangrene or necrosis in longstanding cases [2,4,3].
Vaginal Smears: Estrous cyclicity was monitored by vaginal smears obtained between 0800 and 1200 hours, and assessed by light microscopy for the relative proportion of leukocytes, epithelial and cornified cells found in daily vaginal lavages, which characteristically change during different stages of the estrous cycle.
Maturity was determined by ischial hooks on males, and cornified annulus ventralis and other secondary sexual characteristics (Holdich 2002) on females.
The appearance of cornified cells was used as an indicator of estrogenic activity.
A molecular defect in loricrin, the major component of cornified cell envelope, underlies Vohwinkel's syndrome.
The domination of extra-somatic space with various tools and visually guided projectiles empowered a genus otherwise devoid of cornified and dentine defenses.