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 (kə-rō′lə, -rŏl′ə)
The petals of a flower considered as a group or unit and usually of a color other than green; the inner whorl of the perianth.

[Latin corōlla, small garland, diminutive of corōna, garland; see corona.]

co·rol′late′ (-rō′lāt′, -rŏl′āt′) adj.
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having or resembling a corolla
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We wanted to corollate these with the car's ability to predict what is in front of you and when to intervene.
The EMTALA definition of a stabilized patient is very specific and might not corollate with a physician's interpretation of stabilization.
Part of that switch may be due to the soaring costs of paraffin, an oil-refining by-product that is a key candle component, and the retail fear, founded or unfounded, that increasing prices may corollate to decreasing quality in Chinese-made goods.