coronary atherectomy

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cor·o·nar·y atherectomy

n. aterectomía coronaria, excisión de obstrucciones en la arteria coronaria con un instrumento cortante que se inserta usando un catéter coronario.
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Three patients were refused surgery and 22 patients did not meet the criteria for coronary atherectomy during CABG then they are excluded.
Groups of 16 sets high speed coronary atherectomy (rotablacji).
This had been used in coronary atherectomy for some time and has an indication in the periphery as well.
Similar findings on the lack of association between CRP and angiographic restenosis have also been reported in 75 patients treated with directional coronary atherectomy (20), in a report from Dibra et al.
Schulte, Spectranetics' president and chief executive officer, said, "We are encouraged by growth in both our coronary atherectomy and lead removal product lines.
Association between prior cytomegalovirus infection and the risk of restenosis after coronary atherectomy.
These procedures include directional coronary atherectomy, rotational coronary atherectomy (rotablator), placement of intracoronary stems, and laser balloon angioplasty.
And while it decided to go ahead with rotational coronary atherectomy, it also decided to introduce case selection constraints.
Multivariate predictors of intravascular ultrasound end points after directional coronary atherectomy.
Detection of Chlamydia pneumoniae (TWAR)in human coronary atherectomy tissues.
The global interventional cardiology & peripheral vascular devices market consist of devices used in both coronary and peripheral endovascular procedures which include Embolic Protection, Chronic Total Occlusion, Coronary Atherectomy, Thrombectomy Devices, IVUS & Angiography Catheters, EVAR Stent Grafts, IVC Filters, Stents, Balloons and Accessory Devices.
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