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Any of a family of single-stranded RNA viruses that infect mammals and birds, causing respiratory infections such as the common cold and SARS in humans, and that have spikes of glycoproteins projecting from the viral envelope.

[corona + virus (so called because when a coronavirus virion is viewed under an electron microscope, the fringe of projections from the viral envelope resembles the solar corona during a solar eclipse ).]
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(Pathology) a type of airborne virus accounting for 10-30% of all colds
[C20: so-called because of their corona-like appearance in electron micrographs]
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The Kuwait Ministry of Health has declared that the country was now completely free of the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, MERS-CoV.
By Mohammad Al-Kandari KUWAIT, April 5 (KUNA) -- Ministry of Health (MoH) stressed on Friday that all required precautions have been taken to face coronavirus, noting that the country is fully free of this epidemic.
The first human coronavirus (HCoV) appeared in reports in the mid-1960s and was isolated from persons with common cold.
Ferret Coronavirus (FRCoV), a novel animal coronavirus (CoV), was identified in ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) in 2006 (1).
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome - Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) is a novel beta-coronavirus associated with a broad spectrum of respiratory illnesses; the infection results in death in approximately 35-40% of the affected cases.1 MERS-CoV was first reported in Saudi Arabia in September 2012, when a novel beta-coronavirus was isolated from a Saudi Arabian patient in Jeddah, who died of severe pneumonia and multiple organ failure in June 2012.2 This condition caused by novel coronavirus has been named Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).3
Collaborators in diverse fields developed an antiviral compound for the feline coronavirus associated with FIP.
Coronavirus is a species of virus that belongs to the subfamilies Coronaviridae and Torovirinae.
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The ministry confirmed that its epidemic investigation centres in emirates are working 24 hours to receive any earlier reports of Coronavirus cases.
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