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cor·poc·ra·cy 1

n. pl. cor·poc·ra·cies
An inefficient corporation characterized by excessive layers of management.

cor′po·crat′ic (-pə-krăt′ĭk) adj.

cor·poc·ra·cy 2

n. pl. cor·poc·ra·cies
A society dominated by politically and economically large corporations.

cor′po·crat′ic (-pə-krăt′ĭk) adj.
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corpocracy now smells of senility" (Mitchell 2004, 326).
"That's not a democracy, that's a corpocracy and it's become even more gross and obvious under Trump than ever before.
We live in a Corpocracy and to pretend that any vote cast in the past 20 years has any major influence on the nature of our political system is ridiculous.
This has not produced free market competition but a corpocracy of powerful companies/financial institutions whose monopolies are fully supported by their client - welllobbied governments.
Corpocracy: How CEOs and the business roundtable hijacked the world's greatest wealth machine.
(10.) I do not think it is possible to have a legitimate government in any large-scale "democracy" (let alone in our corpocracy) because of the inevitable corruption present in large-scale bureaucracies and hierarchies, but governments can improve their claims to legitimacy (they can be less injust), so I am not bothered by the large role that legitimacy played in grounding Baker's system.
But with America forced to do the bidding of its adopted child by the "corpocracy" that governs this empire and its unending need for wars to sustain its economic growth, America finds itself woefully weak as its forces futilely attempt to contain terrorism throughout the mid-east.
Because this duty is not fulfilled, true democracy remains a phantom in most cases and terms like corpocracy and lobbyocracy arise to cynically, but more accurately, describe the kind of government in place.
(27.) Robert Monks, Corpocracy (Hokoben, N.J.: John Wiley, 2008), 90, 114; Colin Fisher and Alan Lovell.
We also need a power shift away from a government that has become a corrupt, elitist corpocracy toward one that is much more of, by and for the people--and the common good.
All this in the name of greed and poor "accounting practices." If Roth could have only known, his expressed outrage at capitalistic markets and "corpocracy" would have undoubtedly been even more intense.
Today, our own King George represents not a monarchy, but a corpocracy, one principally identical to that of King George's of England.