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Plural of corpus.
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1. (Anatomy) the plural of corpus
2. (Banking & Finance) the plural of corpus
3. (Linguistics) the plural of corpus
4. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) the plural of corpus
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(ˈkɔr pəs)

n., pl. -po•ra (-pər ə)
for 1-3,5, -pus•es for 4.
1. a large or complete collection of writings: the entire corpus of Old English poetry.
2. the body of a person or animal, esp. when dead.
a. a mass of body tissue that has a specialized function.
b. the main part of a bodily organ.
4. a collection of utterances, as spoken or written sentences, taken as a representative sample of a given language or dialect and used for linguistic analysis.
[1225–75; Middle English < Latin]
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He covers a corpus stylistic approach to the study of literary translation; Africa and Africans in Heart of Darkness; texts, corpora, and methods; from lexis to themes: the keyword analysis; the fictional representation of the African jungle; the fictional representation of the African natives; and applying principle component analysis to the study of literary translation.
I due volumi sono il prodotto di un quindicennio di attivita del gruppo di ricerca dell'Universita di Torino, coordinato da Carla Marcilo, che opera nel filone denominato, in ambito internazionale, Learner Corpus Research: vale a dire quell'area della linguistica acquisizionale che studia il modo in cui le lingue seconde vengono acquisite attraverso l'uso sistematico di corpora linguistici di apprendenti.
However, for Louw, Mahlberg seems to be prompted by literary texts alone, rather than by any attempt to use forms of automation through reference corpora that will result in a complete picture.
Our paper deals with the corpus-based conceptualization method, which can be considered as a method of organizing data using linguistic corpora. The corpus-based conceptualization allows us to establish a closer link with the meaning and identify the whole spectrum of meanings (Halliday, 1975).
The use of language corpora in language instruction has been explored profusely, as illustrated by authors like Boulton (2010a), since they can contribute, not only to the provision of authentic language samples which enable learners and instructors to approach language learning from a different perspective, but also to the learning process itself.
Large corpora of English also exist, such as the recently updated Corpus of Contemporary American English (Davies, 2008--) and the British National Corpus (2007).
Table 1--Statistical parameter comparison of two corpora parameter word/sntence tokens Cet 4 157624 2591 Cet 6 184630 4583 Table 2--Basic statistical parameters of film and television corpus Words(types) 35861 Words(tokens) 1322685 Type/token ratio 3925762 characters 5083124
Wichmann [10] observed a direct or indirect convergence between corpora and teaching.
Incorporating Corpora. The Linguist and the Translator.
The availability of large collections of text (language corpora) is crucial for empirically supported linguistic investigations of various languages; however, such corpora are complicated and expensive to collect.