corpora lutea

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corpora lu·te·a

Plural of corpus luteum.
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Furthermore, we observed a rise in the number of atretic follicles and corpora lutea in group B.
The ovary of pregnant agouti has functional (N= 2) and accessory corpora lutea, required for continuous production of hormones (Mayor, Bodmer & Lopez-Bejar, 2011).
humanely killed and submitted to laparotomy for collection of uterus and ovaries to determine the fertility potential (implantation sites/corpora lutea x 100), uterus weight with fetuses, number of live fetuses, fetal and placental weight, sex ratio (number of male fetuses/number of female fetuses x 100), and rates of pre-implantation (number of corpora lutea--number of implantations/number of corpora lutea x 100) and post-implantation (number of implantations--number of live fetuses/number of implantations x 100) loss.
5-mm intervals and examined under a dissecting microscope to count corpora lutea and corpora albicantia.
Pain after spontaneous or induced abortion, two corpora lutea detected during USG, absence of vaginal bleeding after laparotomy for ectopic pregnancy,
Supplementary corpora lutea (SCL) formation was also monitored from day 35 of pregnancy onwards to evaluate a potential effect on fetal growth in Altrenogest group.
The ovaries may be located and examined for presence and size of normal follicles or pathological conditions such as follicular or luteal cyst, corpora lutea or other significant structures.
We distinguished corpora lutea from corpora albicantia by size and color (Hamilton and Eadie, 1964).
No test item-related influence on prenatal foetal development including number of corpora lutea, implantation sites, resorptions and live foetuses, were detected at any of the EGb761[R] doses.
Although ovarian follicular atresia and luteal regression are normal physiological processes for the adequate maintenance of ovarian functions, the aberrant increase in these processes can cause disturbances in follicle selection and in the life span of corpora lutea.
Thus, it is also possible that at the time of blood collection matured Graafian follicles had ovulated, forming corpora lutea on the ovary resulting in increased serum progesterone concentrations.