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Noun1.corporate investor - a company that invests in (acquires control of) other companies
company - an institution created to conduct business; "he only invests in large well-established companies"; "he started the company in his garage"
raider - a corporate investor who intends to take over a company by buying a controlling interest in its stock and installing new management
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Most recently, Cunningham has led corporate investor relations at Lytx, Mitek and Novatel Wireless.
Ipreo, a global provider of market intelligence and productivity software to capital markets and corporate investor relations professionals, reported on Monday that it has appointed Agnies Watson as EVP and managing director, Corporate Workflow Solutions and as a member of the Executive Committee.
The programme also featured a detailed ranking of corporate investor relations websites.
Combined with Amazon's AWS cloud to distribute publicly available corporate investor website pages and content across Amazon's 13 global distribution points.
Operations are tailored for corporate Investor Relations departments and corporate Public Relations departments through the ABN Newswire.
Wind Works Power Corp(OTCQB:WWPW)(PINKSHEETS:WWPW)(FRANKFURT:R5E1)(WKN:A0RPM2), a company that offers opportunities for people to participate in the development of renewable wind energy projects, has signed a contract with a corporate investor.
AIG American General in September launched AIG Corporate Investor for use with nonqualified deferred compensation plans to attract, retain and reward key employees.
Even if they represent a corporate investor, there is good reason to have them on an advisory council discussing strategy and market moves, but not involved in more sensitive issues, such as the company's financial survival.
Biodiesel is unique in that it's attractive to both the socially conscious as well as the corporate investor. Nationally, there is a duel biodiesel movement happening simultaneously.
(7) Thus, a corporate investor owning OMPS can claim a DRD equal to 42 percent [70 percent x (1-14%/35%)] and is taxed on 58 percent of the dividends received.
Accordingly, to earn a DRD with respect to a dividend, a corporate investor must be at "the risk of the market" throughout the period the underlying stock is owned.
Corporate investor relations and public relations departments are heavy users of fax on demand too.

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