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The Labor Lawyers Association of Japan sets up the hot line specializing in problems regarding corporate restructuring as well as providing regular counseling services in June and December every year.
Tar Liang had claimed that Lam Soon Bhd had acquired the trademarks during a corporate restructuring exercise in 1984.
The government on Monday introduced a consolidated tax system in a move expected to promote corporate restructuring, such as the establishment of holding companies.
Here's a heads-up on some corporate restructuring at KARK-TV, Channel 4, that will be announced near the end of the month.
"For economic growth to be maintained, banking restructuring and corporate restructuring continue to remain important tasks," Masahiro Kawai told reporters after a two-day international conference on corporate and banking problems in crisis-hit East Asian countries.
The Rigid Group, Stoke Albany Road, Kettering, Northants, tel:0153 676 0266, have completed a key phase in their corporate restructuring plan.
Back then, the political classes were pushing a plethora of schemes--to manage high-tech businesses with industrial policy, to stop corporate restructuring, to block immigration, to nationalize health insurance--that would have made today's prosperity impossible.
After his corporate restructuring (11,000 people and 35 percent of the workforce fired) he was able to sell the company to Kimberly-Clark.
A statement said a number of redevelopment projects have been postponed or scaled back due to corporate restructuring by end users.
NewCare Health Corporation, an operator of nursing homes, assisted/independent living centers, and hospitals, announced a corporate restructuring to reduce operating losses.
Corporate restructuring. These events--and more--have caused wild gyrations in the stock market in 1998.
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