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However, since it focuses on issues of corporate venturing, strategic change, and organizational transformation in a large, mature corporation, it could also be used effectively in courses on strategic management or organization theory.
Although take-up of the Government's corporate venturing scheme (CVS) - introduced in the 2001 spring Budget by Chancellor Gordon Brown to encourage businesses to invest in other companies - has not been dramatic, the scheme is now experiencing a surge of interest, according to the Birmingham office of BKR Haines Watts.
Perhaps as a result of the general trend toward a more open approach to innovation, large companies seem to see increasing value in external corporate venturing as a strategic tool for enhancing innovation processes (Birkinshaw and Hil12005; Dushnitsky and Lenox 2006; Gompers 2002; McGrath, Keil, and Tukiainen 2006).
We compare different forms of external corporate venturing, namely corporate venture capital investments, alliances, joint ventures, and acquisitions, as alternative avenues for interorganizational learning.
'Corporate venturing helps people keep a watching brief on new technology and maintain a competitive edge.'
Radical innovation through internal corporate venturing: Degussa's commercialization of nanomaterials; Elicia Maine; R&D Management 38, 4, 2008, pp.
This study explores the domain of corporate venturing using a theoretically grounded classification typology as an organizing scheme.
That leaves corporate venturing as the best competitive weapon for companies urgently in need of cash to grow their business.
Academics and consultants strongly promote the idea of establishing a corporate venturing (CV) unit: a separate unit(s) within an established firm, separated from the routine structure, processes and evaluation, and semiautonomous in decision making (1-4).
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