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 (kôr′pər-ĭt, kôr′prĭt)
1. Formed into a corporation; incorporated: the corporate companies of industrial America.
2. Of or relating to a corporation: corporate assets; corporate culture.
3. United or combined into one body; collective: made a corporate effort to finish the job.
4. Of or relating to a corporative government or political system.

[Latin corporātus, past participle of corporāre, to make into a body, from corpus, corpor-, body; see kwrep- in Indo-European roots.]

cor′po·rate·ly adv.


[ˈkɔːpərɪtlɪ] ADVcorporativamente, como corporación


(= collectively)gemeinsam
(Comm) → körperschaftlich; to be corporately ownedeiner Firma (dat)gehören; he has plenty of capital, both corporately and privatelyer hat jede Menge Kapital, sowohl geschäftlich als auch privat
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And it is told by the insiders that this patent will be applied in a new type of Smartphone which is being launched corporately by both Qihu 360 (NYSE: QIHU) and Yulong Coolpad.
The costs of the operational period were considerable and will exceed budget provision and need to be met corporately as a special incident.
The so-called Religious Freedom in Public Places Act is a sweeping measure that guarantees the right to "pray individually or corporately in a private or public setting so long as such prayer does not result in disturbance of the peace or disruption of a public meeting or assembly.
We have a skill-mix team and are looking to work corporately across the area, but unfortunately we are unable to be based at the same location.
Moreover, when one of the corporately underwritten political parties who run this country gets us into a quagmire of a war, and the other corporately underwritten political parties can't get us out, I think all of us are entitled to be righteously, Old Testament Yahwehly, smite-them-with-a-thunderboltly pissed off.
A corporately acceptable emphasis was given to portals, axes, circular or semi-circular foci, straight avenues, grand steps, almost as if the elder Saarinen had never landed, never set up Cranbrook and its accompanying atelier where his son, as well as Roche, Dinkeloo, Venturi, Pelli, Lumsden or Vreeland worked round the corner from Eames and Bertoia.
Chris was a great supporter of our charity, both personally and corporately, and he will be a great loss to the community as a whole.
We are rooted corporately in the eucharist, at the command of Jesus to "do this.
When I interviewed Mark Ragan a couple years back, he said they were worried corporately about whether they were "giving away too much online," and they still offer a lot for free.
Speaking after the hearing ACC Gillespie said: "The Police Service has put considerable effort, both locally and corporately, to encourage incident reporting.
ONE prayer, which the majority of Christians so often say,privately or corporately, is that which Jesus taught to His disciples -The Lord's Prayer.

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