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(ˈkɔːpərətaɪz; -prə-) or


1. (Commerce) (tr) to convert (a government-controlled industry or enterprise) into an independent company
2. (intr) to be influenced by or take on the features of a large commercial business, esp in being bureaucratic and uncaring
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(ˈkɔr pər əˌtaɪz, -prəˌtaɪz)

v.t. -tized, -tiz•ing.
to develop or turn into big business.
cor`po•ra•ti•za′tion, n.
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There is still a perception that the trappings of stardom in the booming, corporatised market of Indian sport -- which calls for a star to often go for an image makeover, shoots and sponsors' gigs.
"The production units that are being corporatised will offer jobs, bring investments, ensure growth, make good modern electric and aluminium coaches.
In 2011, DRB-Hicom won the bid to acquire a majority stake in Pos Malaysia, effectively gaining control over the postal service that was corporatised in 1992 and listed in 2001.
The majority of them besides being Corrupt are completely Corporatised, Commercialised, Compromised and Communalised.
Other mega-corporations and authorities including port authorities, National Highway Authority, Water and Power Development Authority, Pakistan Post Office and Pakistan Railways however, need to be corporatised and brought under the fund.
Globally, many of the most successful airports are operated as corporatised entities of governments.
In the year ended 31 March 2018, GCL generated revenues of GBP6 m and corporatised EBITDA of approximately GBP 0.6m.
The UAE-India cooperation in this sector has begun with exploring the pioneering 'farm-to-port' project, which envisages a special corporatised farming zone where crops are grown for the UAE market, with dedicated logistics infrastructure for the port.
I argue that the current wave of student activism is motivated by mobilisation that seeks to challenge the pedagogy and governance practices associated with a neo-colonial corporatised higher education model.
Cotton yield per acre should be increased- China wants Pakistan to shift to an economy of scale including large size spinning mills, and Chinese investors were very much interested to become partners in textile- Pakistan's textile sector needs to corporatised instead of being confined to as family businesses.