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(ˈkɔːpərətaɪz; -prə-) or


1. (Commerce) (tr) to convert (a government-controlled industry or enterprise) into an independent company
2. (intr) to be influenced by or take on the features of a large commercial business, esp in being bureaucratic and uncaring


(ˈkɔr pər əˌtaɪz, -prəˌtaɪz)

v.t. -tized, -tiz•ing.
to develop or turn into big business.
cor`po•ra•ti•za′tion, n.
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We had to averse to the government's plan to corporatize JDWNRH.
In other words, its main purpose is just to corporatize public transportation.
They were of the view when the organization was already profitable why the government needed to corporatize it.
On power sector, the government is now making a plan to corporatize the power distribution companies in order to bring desired improvements in the cash bleeding power sector.
The proposals given by Kaiser Bengali to increase the railway revenue included to corporatize Pakistan Railways and National Logistics Cell (NLC), Combine Pakistan Railways and NLC under one holding company; and create an integrated rail-road transport network.
Under the law, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) imposed an additional cost of 12 percent for property owners who want to corporatize their income-generating assets into a REIT.
However, the administration counters that such fears are unfounded, as any move to corporatize, sell off assets or shutter these entities requires an act of law, and hence the involvement of parliament.
In order to corporatize the family arrangements, a suitable corporate structure must be selected.
These range from how the NYPD has spied on bicyclist activists and helped Citibank and MasterCard corporatize cycling in NYC; spying on children at McDonalds; spying on the press; spying on lawyers and progressive lawyer associations like the National Lawyers Guild and the People's Law Office; the use of drones; and environmental activists.
Fred Healey embodies the highest principles of corporatize citizenship," Mr.
It has been unclear whether moves to corporatize public hospitals have been merely an effort to improve efficiency (as the government claims) or, as they have been perceived in some quarters, represent the first step in the actual divestiture of government ownership.