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 (kôr′pə-rē′ĭ-tē, -rā′-)
The state of being material or corporeal; physical existence.
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bodily or material nature or substance; physical existence; corporeality
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(ˌkɔr pəˈri ɪ ti)

material or physical nature or quality; materiality.
[1615–25; < Medieval Latin]
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The concept of the humanistic approach that this paper deals with, comes from the Christian vision of mankind and the world; one where the human being, as a creature of creation, is understood as a free being, gifted with intelligence, free will, the ability to love and corporeity. It is from this vision that man is understood as the main character in the story of his life and of his own destiny.
Can you explain how the Franciscan mode of being is not satisfied by its own littleness or dependence alone, but both wants and tries to extend that littleness or dependence to the whole of its being, to its corporeity as well as to the totality of the created?
A divine design bringing corporeity of a facet of heaven.
Tracing the power of the gaze in the cult of thinness, fitness and beauty, Ponterotto (2016) finds what she calls 'normatized corporeity' defined by the androcentric conceptions of gender, sexuality and beauty (pp.
Social marginalization, in addition to the elements of corporeity and character attributes are conceptual dimensions of stigma (10).
Aquinas rejects the idea that there are other substantial forms such as corporeity, vegetative soul, animal soul, and so on that also determine the being of a human person.
He interprets the "epiphanic moment between lovers" as a "castrating silence" far from Nancy's reliance on corporeity to replace language.
Body image is a personal identity component and can be defined as the mental representation that a person has about their physical appearance and corporeity and is expressed through thoughts, feelings and behaviors concerning the body.
The study's limitations lie on the lack in-depth analysis to capture the reasons for the food choices in the primary caregivers, and on the relation between corporeity and eating, as well as on the disposition to change, and inquire on the social representations among the promoters of the school breakfast program.