corpuscular radiation

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Noun1.corpuscular radiation - a stream of atomic or subatomic particles that may be charged positively (e.g. alpha particles) or negatively (e.g. beta particles) or not at all (e.g. neutrons)
alpha radiation, alpha ray - the radiation of alpha particles during radioactive decay
beta radiation, beta ray, electron radiation - radiation of beta particles during radioactive decay
neutron radiation - radiation of neutrons (as by a neutron bomb)
radioactivity, radiation - the spontaneous emission of a stream of particles or electromagnetic rays in nuclear decay
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cor·pus·cu·lar ra·di·a·tion

n. radiación corpuscular, producida por rayos de partículas subatómicas tales como protón, electrón y neutrón usados en el tratamiento del cáncer.
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It was widely suggested that the closer proximity of Venus to the Sun would subject it to almost twice the flux of solar corpuscular radiation, but in 1962 the Mariner 2 spacecraft revealed that Venus lacks an appreciable magnetic field.
* stability in the presence of magnetic and electric fields, corpuscular radiation, vibrations, and mechanical shocks
* corpuscular radiation such as alpha- and beta-radiation, high energy electrons, protons, deuterons and neutrons.