correctional rehabilitation

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Noun1.correctional rehabilitation - providing penal custody or probation or parole for convicted offenders
rehabilitation - the restoration of someone to a useful place in society
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Correctional rehabilitation programs often work best when filling two particular roles: behavioral therapy and reentry preparedness--such as with vocational skills training or education.
Being envisioned to protect community against immoderate thoughts, the center conducts scientific and practical correctional rehabilitation programs to reform youths that fell victim to such thoughts.
Converter Equation Initiation di * C * D + ci * C * D Self-conviction se * D Inflow b * C + m Outflow d * C Uptake Fixed dataset Relapse r * R Cases Fixed dataset Convictions c * L Successful convictions c * L Failed convictions fc * L Correctional rehabilitation cc * R Sentences completed sc * C Successful rehabilitation sr * R Drug and drug-related crime death dd * D Correctional service death sd * S Rehabilitation death rd * R TABLE 3: Initial values for the SADC-WC system.
of Connecticut) adds Salisbury (criminology and criminal justice, Portland State U.) as coauthor, a new chapter on women offenders, and revisions to chapters to reflect new developments in the field of correctional rehabilitation. Following a review of the historical foundations of the profession, they discuss issues pertaining to mentally ill offenders in correctional settings, and evidence-based approaches to treating them to reduce recidivism.
ERIC Descriptors: Academic Achievement; Evidence; Costs; Researchers; Program Effectiveness; Program Evaluation; Research Methodology; Data; Child Welfare; Substance Abuse; Intervention; Elementary Secondary Education; Parenting Skills; Incentives; Correctional Rehabilitation
Subsequent chapters within this section discuss various correctional practices, including diversion and probation, institutional and community-based corrections, parole, prisoner reentry and correctional rehabilitation. Specific issues that are incorporated within these chapters include inmate classification and assessment of risks and needs, the importance of incorporating evidence-based and gender-specific programming into correctional rehabilitation programs, needs of offenders upon prison release and predictors of recidivism.
Correctional rehabilitation programs help inmates return to a better controlled life, and this is the goal of this PTSD program.
The 19 articles in the 2007 edition of the relatively new annual series analyze research findings on the law's capacity to reduce inequality, the connection between collective memory and law, the control of gang behavior, and the effectiveness of restorative justice and correctional rehabilitation. The contributors survey the history of Islamic constitutionalism, assess changes in intellectual property rights, propose a sociology of information framework for surveillance studies, and consider how the recent emphasis on quantitative accountability has influenced law and legal practices.

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