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(91.) The CORREL function in Excel was used to calculate the
The terrigmournrlure of the association quariz, feldspars, SiO2, TiO2, NaBO and Al203, the negative correl ation of this group of variables with those representing the deposition of carbenates and the significant positive scores of some sample.
Notes: * High Sr; analyses are arranged from lowest to highest [sup.206]Pb/[sup.238]U age; br = brownish; error correl. = Error correlation coefficient for concordia coordinates; disc (%) = discordance; relation between ages and concordia coordinates: Y = [sup.206]Pb/[sup.238]U = EXP(L238*([sup.206/238]Age)) /1; X = [sup.207]Pb/[sup.235]U = EXP(L23 5*([sup.207/235]Age)) /1.
[32.] Correl DL (1998) The role of phosphorus in the eutrophication of receiving waters, a review.
When computed using Excel's function CORREL, the two rank ordered lists have a negative correlation of (-0.804).
Correl. (r) 0,35 0,41 0,36 0,56 0,54 0,87 Valor de p * 0,001 0,000 0,000 0,000 0,000 0,000 Parametro PP CL CLP CTP Area DP--LD referencial DP--LND Coef.
Regresion logistica multivariante Desgaste Correl. R R R Ee psiquico de cuadrado cuadrado --Resp.
Jiang, Z.Q., Ji, L.J., Zuo, R.S., et al: 2002, Correl ativity among rock permeability and strain, stress under servo-control condition.
Notes: Correll and Correl (1982) listed this species as Cynanchum inaguense (Vail) Howard & Dunbar (Apocynaceae).