correlation matrix

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Noun1.correlation matrix - a matrix giving the correlations between all pairs of data sets
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
matrix - (mathematics) a rectangular array of quantities or expressions set out by rows and columns; treated as a single element and manipulated according to rules
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We then calculated the frequency with which any two words were assigned to the same class, creating an 80 X 80 correlation matrix from which the similarity between any two words could be determined.
As well as the points summarized above, the main feature that distinguished FACTOR from the existing FA programs was that two types of modelling were available: standard FA based on the product-moment correlation matrix, and FA based on the tetrachoric/polychoric correlation matrix.
A Pearson's correlation matrix was then constructed and the significance of the correlation coefficients obtained was verified using a t-test (P-value<0.
In order to present such a large correlation matrix, we averaged the correlation coefficient between the analysed groups.
He appends documented information requirements, and a correlation matrix for ISO 9001:2015 to ISO 9001:2008 and the other way around.
N]) has the correlation matrix M with eigenvalues [[lambda].
The authors need to be commended for breaking down exploratory factor analysis into an eight step process, namely, specifying the problem, generating the items, assessing the adequacy of correlation matrix, extracting the initial factors, rotating the factors, refining the solution, interpreting the findings and reporting and replicating the results.
It is remarkable at the graphics and the correlation matrix that almost all countries in the sample strongly correlate: the results range from 0.
The interactions among SAs are expressed by a correlation matrix P and placed on the top of the HoQ, which indicates how the strategic actions affect each other.

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