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 (kôr′ə-lā′shən, kŏr′-)
1. A relationship or connection between two things based on co-occurrence or pattern of change: a correlation between drug abuse and crime.
2. Statistics The tendency for two values or variables to change together, in either the same or opposite way: As cigarette smoking increases, so does the incidence of lung cancer, indicating a positive correlation.
3. An act of correlating or the condition of being correlated.

[Medieval Latin correlātiō, correlātiōn- : Latin com-, com- + Latin relātiō, relation, report (from relātus, past participle of referre, to carry back; see relate).]

cor′re·la′tion·al adj.
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Adj.1.correlational - relating to or employing correlation
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Thus, the question the r-based BESD answers is: "What would the correlationally equivalent effect of the treatment be if 50% of the participants had the occurrence and 50% did not, assuming groups of equal size?
The experimental manipulations should help to eliminate the possibility that what originally was studied purely correlationally simp ly was an extraneous (i.