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1. Related; corresponding.
2. Grammar Indicating a reciprocal or complementary relationship: a correlative conjunction.
1. Either of two correlative entities; a correlate.
2. Grammar A correlative word or expression.

cor·rel′a·tive·ly adv.
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Looking at these aims with which two persons, a man and a woman, so variously and correlatively gifted, are shut up in one house to spend in the nuptial society forty or fifty years, I do not wonder at the emphasis with which the heart prophesies this crisis from early infancy, at the profuse beauty with which the instincts deck the nuptial bower, and nature and intellect and art emulate each other in the gifts and the melody they bring to the epithalamium.
Correlatively to these two results, a 48% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is eyed.
According to [9], the way of understanding the right to life allows us to think of innumerable situations in which someone would have a right to receive something if this would save his life and, correlatively, would place other people in countless situations of having obligations in front of third parties.
Correlatively, the mediocre school results in the pre-university cycle often generate a low motivation for the academic learning.
The agreement between test-retest measurements is correlatively analysed, providing substantial data about the durability of a scale.17Test-retest correlations of the MCA were conducted with ICC analysis, which indicated that the MCA produced reliable results.
EUR-CHF, a cross that has been correlatively sensitive to Italian asset markets, hit a four-session low at 1.1362.
A recent study concluded that when corruption thrives, human rights are denied, and correlatively, when denial of human rights continues, corruption persists.
Correlatively, reasons supporting theoretical, practical, and aesthetic judgments operate in fundamentally different ways.
(31) Correlatively, in "Don't You Wonder, Sometimes?" the poet identifies herself with David Bowie this time.
Using the developed quasi-targeted proteomics assay, the concentrations of HER2 were correlatively quantified to be [10.1 (2.63)] x [10.sup.5]/cell in BT474 cells, [9.43 (1.89)] x [10.sup.5]/cell in SK-BR-3 cells, [0.56 (0.17)] x [10.sup.5]/cell in MCF-7, and [0.53 (0.09)] x [10.sup.5]/cell in MDA-MB-231 cells (Fig.
The wave functions [[psi].sub.n,m](x) can be also satisfied in the second-order differential equations for each potential, correlatively: