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Noun1.correlativity - a reciprocal relation between two or more things
reciprocality, reciprocity - a relation of mutual dependence or action or influence
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Typically, the relationship among the listed elements is one of correlativity and co-functioning instead of linear progression.
As understood in political discussions and on the world stage, human rights rarely meet the strict standards of this correlativity thesis.
Besides the research on correlativity between site condition and properties of Formosan alder introduced into Sichuan and comparative study on wood properties of Alnus cremastogyne and Alnus formosana (Yang, Y.
As such, the relationship between risk factors and diseases has great correlativity rather than a simple causality.
Here we show that this relationship may in fact stem from soil temperature warming, as the correlativity appeared higher for soil rather than air temperature linkage (Fig.
Cui (2013) discovers remarkable correlativity between investor sentiment contagion and market rationality [10].
In conclusion, the process of standardized measurement calculates (1) the influence of dependency of different network resources in possibility of successful intrusion by converting CVSS, (2) the influence of correlation of the same type of network resources via introducing correlativity parameters, and (3) the influence of state transition caused by MTND hopping via proposing transfer factor.
84) This section investigates the Correlativity Axiom of Hohfeld and shows how it failed, whenever epideictic rhetoric was directed at the issue.
See, eg, Peter Cane, 'Corrective Justice and Correlativity in Private Law' (1996) 16 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 471, 475-6; Stephen A Smith, 'The Rights of Private Law' in Andrew Robertson and Tang Hang Wu (eds), The Goals of Private Law (Hart Publishing, 2009) 113, 122-9; Dan Priel, 'Private Law: Commutative or Distributive?
Correlativity between Plasma soluble intercellular adhesion molecule and types of TCM syndromes in patients with coronary heart diseases.
counter-example that Hohfeld's correlativity claim does not hold
Among other findings, the interaction of scope and parallelism with ellipsis is reconsidered; the structural significance of modal anchoring and essential properties for the interpretation of indefiniteness is explored in detail; additionally, quantificational variability and correlativity phenomena in relative clauses are analyzed; degree expression is characterized for concessive conditionals and superlatives; and, finally, several discourse particles with a quantificational core are shown to be critical for the articulation of semantic and discourse-pragmatic relations.