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 (kôr′ə-lāt′, kŏr′-)
v. cor·re·lat·ed, cor·re·lat·ing, cor·re·lates
To establish or demonstrate as having a correlation: correlated drug abuse and crime.
To be related by a correlation.
adj. (-lĭt, -lāt′)
Related by a correlation, especially having corresponding characteristics.
n. (-lĭt, -lāt′)
Either of two correlate entities; a correlative.

[Back-formation from correlation.]

cor′re·lat′a·ble adj.
cor′re·la′tor n.
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(Tools) a device that locates leaks in water or gas lines through noise detection
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(Air transport was much faster than transmitting the data electronically.) At both locations, the data were played back into a highly specialized supercomputer called a correlator, which processed the data two streams at a time.
Among his most significant contributions were the fielding of the Tactical Radar Correlator System and assisting in concept and architecture development for deploying the first TROJAN SPIRIT to the Gulf War.
The receiver architecture uses a discrete FIR correlator for data synchronization and acquisition.
In [10], the authors proposed to determine image motion with an onboard optical correlator and used the image motion data as visual feedback signal for navigation purpose and presented preliminary performance results based on a high fidelity simulation of the complete optical processing chain.
This filter is followed by a polarity correlator, the output of which is normalized to obtain the cross-correlation coefficient whose values lie between +1 and -1.
where [I.sub.i] and [Q.sub.i] are, respectively, in-phase and quadra-phase correlator outputs.
Meanwhile, not like the traditional GNSS multiantenna technology, the dual-channel RF front-end and digital correlator share the same clock module, avoiding cycle slip error and realizing single-epoch positioning, owing to electronic component reduction of clock-synchronized dual-antenna receivers, the new-generation N71JN from Shanghai Huace Navigation Technology Ltd.
A supercomputer correlator then compares the signals and determines how much of a shift is necessary to make the signals constructively interfere.
Enhanced VQuad[TM] application with Dual UTA HD supports very accurate One-Way and Round Trip Delay (RTD) measurements for 2-Wire and 4-Wire interfaces using the enhanced correlator algorithm.
A commercial light-scattering spectrometer (BI-APD equipped with a BI9000AT digita Auto correlator) was used along with a He-Ne laser (output power ~ 400 mW at l= 638 nm) as a light source.
If the common error can be estimated before the correlator for individual channels, the bandwidth of channel loop can be reduced without increasing the common error.