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(b) Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry, University of Latvia Zellu iela 25, Riga LV-1002, Latvia E-mail(corresp.):
Qu lignes de tramways et deux lignes de BHMS seront disponibles AaAaAeA Casablan AaAaAeA l'horizon 2022, 160 stations, un rAaAaAeA@seau AaAaAeA@quipAaAaAeA@ de plus de 550 de sAaAaAeA@curitAaAaAeA@, 10 pAaAaAeA les d'AaAaAeA@changes multimodaux, 8 stations de corresp ainsi qu'un systAaAaAeA?me billettique moderne et performant en vue d'u intAaAaAeA@gration tarifaire, une application mobile rAaAaAeA@seaux, et enfin structuration et une mise AaAaAeA niveau du rAaAaAeA@seau bus avec des coul dAaAaAeA@diAaAaAeA@s,
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Empregouse a tecnica de correspondencia multipla, utilizandose o procedimento CORRESP do pacote estatistico SAS (SAS, 2005).
Byline: FROM ALEX SPINK Rugby Correspondent in Toulon FROMALEX S Rugby Corresp in Toulon 32 Wasps 18
Norman Rockwell Business Correspondence Collection, General: 1923-1943, A-Z; Four Freedoms, folder "Four Freedoms: corresp. Re: Four Freedoms, Office of War Information, Curtis, NZBS, Hecht, 1943." Norman Rockwell Museum Archival Collections, Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, Massachusetts.
rphyor at t win Kerry kn Michael Murp their corresp ainly have the he mobility.