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 (kôr′ə-jĕn′dəm, kŏr′-)
n. pl. cor·ri·gen·da (-də)
1. An error to be corrected, especially a printer's error.
2. corrigenda A list of errors in a book along with their corrections.

[Latin, neuter gerundive of corrigere, to correct; see correct.]


n, pl -da (-də)
1. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) an error to be corrected
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) (sometimes plural) Also called: erratum a slip of paper inserted into a book after printing, listing errors and corrections
[C19: from Latin: that which is to be corrected, from corrigere to correct]


(ˌkɔr ɪˈdʒɛn dəm, ˌkɒr-)

n., pl. -da (-də).
1. an error to be corrected, esp. an error in print.
2. corrigenda, a list of corrections of errors that is inserted in a book or other publication.
[1840–50; < Latin: literally, (something) to be corrected (neuter ger. of corrigere); see correct]
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Noun1.corrigendum - a printer's error; to be corrected
mistake, error - part of a statement that is not correct; "the book was full of errors"


n pl <corrigenda> → Corrigendum nt (geh)
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He also announced to hold a proper inquiry against the suspended officers for their alleged involvement in the allotment of over 100 plots in a dubious manner through corrigendum during the last four months.
CORRIGENDUM(Please log in to view the Documents) Version 116 Sep 2016Schedule Corrigendum to reflect the price of 6 out of 24 items that is required.
He said it had come to his notice that the plots were allotted in various sectors through corrigendum on the basis of pick and choose.