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Adj.1.corrosion-resistant - impervious to corrosion; "he was a great believer in the corrosion-resistant qualities of cast iron"
imperviable, impervious - not admitting of passage or capable of being affected; "a material impervious to water"; "someone impervious to argument"
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The circumvention rulings cover certain steel products that are first produced in Korea and Taiwan, which are then shipped to Vietnam for minor processing, and finally exported to the United States as corrosion-resistant steel products and cold-rolled steel.
After extensive research and preparation, the company will start producing Perfect Pipe; the first corrosion-resistant concrete jacking pipe to benefit sewer rehabilitation in Cambodia.
The durable, corrosion-resistant system accommodates steps, traverses and sloped roofs with pitches up to 35 degrees.
Saudi Aramco, a global leader in petroleum and natural gas, recently implemented the corrosion-resistant fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar in the foundations of a 400-metre long perimeter in one of its construction projects.
This CSA-rated unit contains impact- and shock-resistant, no-glass polycarbonate LED bulbs, and sealed and corrosion-resistant aluminum hardware, providing reliable, stable lighting under even the harshest of conditions in food processing and preparation applications.
The Media Residence, which will accommodate the world's journalists during the event, is equipped with PosMAC, a highly corrosion-resistant material for bathrooms and walls.
Stainless steel is much more corrosion-resistant than carbon steel, but also more costly.
Corrosion-resistant steel from China will face final U.S.
Sauereisen, a third-generation manufacturer of corrosion-resistant materials, welcomes Mark Golla to lead its sales team as sales manager at the company's corporate office in Pittsburgh, PA.
Anomet Products has launched custom manufactured corrosion-resistant conductors for use in batteries, fuel cells, petrochemical, power generation, remote power and alternative energy applications.Anomet corrosion-resistant clad conductors feature an oxygen free high conductivity (OFHC) copper core to provide uniform current distribution and a metallurgically bonded clad exterior layer to achieve specific environmental performance capabilities.