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Adj.1.corrosion-resistant - impervious to corrosion; "he was a great believer in the corrosion-resistant qualities of cast iron"
imperviable, impervious - not admitting of passage or capable of being affected; "a material impervious to water"; "someone impervious to argument"
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The Media Residence, which will accommodate the world's journalists during the event, is equipped with PosMAC, a highly corrosion-resistant material for bathrooms and walls.
30 m - Support structure and supports made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials - Base plate made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFK) including control unit, water depth indicator.
Corrosion-resistant steel from China will face final U.
Sauereisen, a third-generation manufacturer of corrosion-resistant materials, welcomes Mark Golla to lead its sales team as sales manager at the company's corporate office in Pittsburgh, PA.
Anomet Products has launched custom manufactured corrosion-resistant conductors for use in batteries, fuel cells, petrochemical, power generation, remote power and alternative energy applications.
Ideal for industrial and manufacturing applications, the hoists are built with a corrosion-resistant, fused brake disc design for longer brake life and an ergonomic grip to reduce operator fatigue.
While laser cladding has gained wide acceptance as a cost effective way to add wear or corrosion-resistant coatings, or to repair worn out or mismachined parts, most of the cladding to date has been limited to easy-to-reach external part features.
Next-generation power plants will likely require highly corrosion-resistant metals to withstand operation in molten salt coolants at temperatures approaching 900 C.
a provider of corrosion-resistant coatings, metal-forming lubricants and contract packaging services for the auto industry, is expanding its production, laboratory and office facilities in Michigan.
com)-- The company alloys pure molybdenum with small amounts of corrosion-resistant tantalum, and thereby combines the advanced properties of both metals.
Ryan Herco Flow Solutions reinforces their position as the national leader in the distribution of corrosion-resistant, ultrapure, high value filtration and fluid handling products.
Corrosion-resistant diaphragm process pumps are designed for sampling, transferring, evacuating, or compressing aggressive gases in a range of challenging industrial applications.