corrugated board

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Noun1.corrugated board - cardboard with corrugations (can be glued to flat cardboard on one or both sides)
cardboard, composition board - a stiff moderately thick paper
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Tenders are invited for Paper Corrugated Board Std Sz Th5mm
Popil describes measuring physical properties of various papers, paperboards, corrugated boards, and corrugated board boxes, a process he says receives only cursory treatment in institutions where papermaking is taught as an ancillary course to a chemical engineering curriculum.
Fanfold corrugated is continuous corrugated board, folded periodically to form an accordion-like stack of corrugated material.
The new plant will feature an upgraded corrugated board machine enabling Prowell to meet increased demand and will further secure the company's leadership in the European corrugated sheet board market.
Tear up bits of corrugated board and paper, according to how your child wants to use them.
Fuller has worked closely with corrugated board producers, end-of-line packaging equipment manufacturers, brand owners, e-retailers and fulfilment houses to identify the adhesive applications needed to raise the performance of packaging solutions for e-commerce.
A development driven by the increased use of HD plates, Fluid is available in three versions for use with UV and water-based inks in narrow, mid and wide web printing applications, including labels, flexible packaging and corrugated board.
During the spotlight presentation that convinced the jury of the innovative nature of the new Bobst digital printing press for corrugated, Jakob Bovin, marketing director for digital printing, corrugated board at Bobst, gave delegates a first look at the new press which features a modern design and ground-breaking capabilities.
com)-- Excellent product protection whilst being of low weight as well as an outstanding stockability: Corrugated board is very well suited for shipping packaging.
Produced at Stora Enso's Uetersen Mill for corrugated packaging and laminates, MediaLiner has gained, within a short period of time, a high level of product awareness, not only within the corrugated board and laminating industries, but also particularly among brand owners and packaging designers.
6 November 2014 - UK recycled packaging supplier DS Smith Plc (LON:SMDS) said on Thursday it had taken over Spanish corrugated board producer Andorrana de Cajas de Carton Ondulado SA (Andopack) in a deal worth some GBP35m (USD55.
From the box raw paper materials to the corrugated board, from the printing to the box diecut, everyone in the DE treats the carton box as a piece of artwork.