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1. Marked by immorality and perversion; depraved.
2. Venal or dishonest: a corrupt mayor.
3. Containing errors or alterations, especially ones that prevent proper understanding or use: a corrupt translation; a corrupt computer file.
4. Archaic Tainted; putrid.
v. cor·rupt·ed, cor·rupt·ing, cor·rupts
1. To ruin morally; pervert: "The argument that modern life consists of a menu of horrors by which we are corrupted ... is a founding idea of the critique of modernity" (Susan Sontag).
2. To destroy or subvert the honesty or integrity of, as by offering bribes: "Our politics has been corrupted by money and suffused with meanness" (Peter Edelman).
a. To cause to become rotten; spoil: "There was a strange smell in the room, high and slightly sweet, like perfume corrupted in the bottle" (Bella Bathurst).
b. Archaic To render impure; contaminate.
a. To alter from original or proper form: "Strangers named them the Chippewa, which was corrupted to Ojibway" (Paul Theroux).
b. Computers To damage (data) in a file or on a disk.
To become corrupt.

[Middle English, from Latin corruptus, past participle of corrumpere, to destroy : com-, intensive pref.; see com- + rumpere, to break; see reup- in Indo-European roots.]

cor·rupt′er, cor·rup′tor n.
cor·rup′tive adj.
cor·rupt′ly adv.
cor·rupt′ness n.
Synonyms: corrupt, debase, debauch, deprave, pervert, vitiate
These verbs mean to ruin utterly in character or quality: was corrupted by power; debased himself by taking the bribe; a youth debauched by drugs; led a life depraved by sensual indulgence; perverted her talent by her pursuit of commercial success; a laudable goal vitiated by dishonest means.
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Noun1.corruptness - the state of being corrupt
dishonor, dishonour - a state of shame or disgrace; "he was resigned to a life of dishonor"
2.corruptness - lack of integrity or honesty (especially susceptibility to bribery); use of a position of trust for dishonest gain
infection - moral corruption or contamination; "ambitious men are led astray by an infection that is almost unavoidable"
venality - prostitution of talents or offices or services for reward
dishonesty - the quality of being dishonest
jobbery - corruptness among public officials
incorruption, incorruptness - characterized by integrity or probity
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Departure from what is legally, ethically, and morally correct:
Informal: crookedness.
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Upon clinging to her "yo europeo" Tristan establishes her authority as an outsider who sees behind the corruptness of Peru's educational, military and religious institutions (39).
(98) Though Hastings was ultimately acquitted, Edmund Burke used his impeachment as an opportunity to generate public awareness of the EIC's corruptness and unethical tactics.
Steven Oldroyd This country is being ruined by corruptness of such people...
"Stalin's apparent return to Communism in 1928-29 is really no more significant than Napoleon's apparent repudiation of the corruptness and moral looseness of the Directory once he had achieved secure power by the coup d'etat of the 18th of Brumaire." As this suggests, Brinton never grasped the seminal revolutionary phenomena of the Soviet 1920s.
(95) First, the court relied on the reasoning in Graham to conclude that children are less culpable than adults, making their bad acts less likely to reveal an unredeemable corruptness because youthful offenders are amenable to the rehabilitative aims of the juvenile system.
Marxism (a method of socioeconomic analysis that analyzes class relations and societal conflict using a materialist interpretation of historical development and a dialectical view of social transformation) is often related to the corruptness of capitalism and within this capitalist cycle, growing consumerism and obsession over materialistic ideals lead to its own destruction.
One way Styron illustrates the corruptness of the legal procedures is by having Gray, as Turner's supposed representative, treat the law as a mechanism serving the white perspective on "the killing spree" rather than as a true investigation of facts in the name of justice (Woodard 89) (1).
(10) Initially, this militant Islamist group based in the north-east of Nigeria attacked security forces in particular; the latter symbolized the immorality and corruptness of the secular Nigerian state.
If the latest disclosure that the Eurocrats have known for five years that certain car firms were cheating on car emission readings it puts the EU almost on a par with FIFA for corruptness.
Working from Clark's journal and ledger entries, Trogdon illuminates this fascinating time and its cast of characters who possessed varying degrees of corruptness and wasted little time on lofty ideals.
"The Herd" is a moving story that accurately portrays the corruptness and injustice of the society in 1970's Turkey.
Leigh's film employs this genre to illustrate the regression of society back into the fairy tale's world of patriarchal rule, whilst simultaneously adopting the genre's quality as a "cultural mirror" (Mc Ara & Calvin 2011: 3), serving to emphasize the corruptness and cruelty of our damaged society in the twenty-first century.