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1. Of, relating to, derived from, or consisting of cortex.
2. Of, relating to, associated with, or depending on the cerebral cortex.

cor′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.cortically - with respect to the cortex; "cortically induced arousal"
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Walking requires complex motor unit re-innervation coordinated by cortically integrated sensory feedback (39).
Despite his faith that modern medicine would not fail him, August was born with a severe traumatic brain injury as a likely result of medical error and lived as a spastic quadriplegic who was cortically blind, profoundly cognitively impaired, and nonverbal.
The purpose of this study was also to evaluate retrospectively a treatment protocol in immediate functional loading for fixed complete-arch prostheses, segment reconstructions and single implants in the completely edentulous mandible and maxilla supported by cortically anchored implants and to evaluate implant success rate for those implants, where the abutment heads were parallelized through bending after implant placement.
He said Ghani Raza attacked on Iqbal with axe injuring him cortically whereas Ali Raza beaten Shugufta with a stick and maimed her.
Classically, they are described as cortically based, diaphyseal or metaphyseal with a radiolucent nidus within an area of surrounding sclerosis.
The femur midshaft therefore likely represents an ideal surface compared to other smaller and less cortically rich bones.
Animals with histological evidence of NPCs located cortically or within the ventricular system were excluded from the study (n = 3).
Sarti, "Analysis of vessel connectivities in retinal images by cortically inspired spectral clustering," Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, vol.
Cortically, bilateral changes in CBF were observed in the middle frontal, superior frontal, and inferior frontal gyri.
Kakishita et al., "Cortically evoked responses of human pallidal neurons recorded during stereotactic neurosurgery," Movement Disorders, vol.
Blindsight is a phenomenon in which patients who are cortically blind can respond to visual stimuli that they do not consciously see.