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Striatum is considered as the input structure of basal ganglia and it is together with Subthalamic nucleus (STN), Globus pallidus (internal(GPi), external(GPe) and ventral pallidum) and substantia nigra (pars compacta and pars reticulata) [47,48] form the direct, indirect and hyper-direct pathways of cortico- striatal circuit [20,24].
In our study, most of the patients were using cortico-steroids either as rescue pulsed steroid therapy during acute flare of RA or as adjunct therapy with other DMARDs at some part of treatment, so it was difficult to assess cortico- steroid association with MetS, but some other studies proved that there is no significant association of cortico- steroids with MetS.
5 mm) Table 5: USG Findings Related to Echogenicity and Cortico- Medullary Differentiation in Cases with Chronic Kidney Disease (N=100) Renal Changes No.