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or cortic-
Cortex: corticotropin.

[From Latin cortex, cortic-, bark, rind; see cortex.]


or before a vowel


combining form
(Biology) indicating the cortex: corticotrophin.


(ˈkɔr tɛks)

n., pl. -ti•ces (-təˌsiz)
a. the outer region of a body organ or structure, as the outer portion of the kidney.
a. the portion of a plant stem or trunk between the epidermis and the vascular tissue; bark.
b. any outer layer, as rind.
3. the surface tissue layer of a fungus or lichen, composed of massed hyphal cells.
[1650–60; < Latin: bark, rind, shell, husk]
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5 71 12 - Median Median hemo- platelet Received globin count Visual cortico- First author, values ([mm.
This is because the inflammation in the airways which makes it harder to breathe during an asthma attack can't be fixed with a cortico- steroid inhaler.
13 Correlation Among Indicators Concerning Maintenance Treatment and Among Indicators Concerning Exacerbation Treatment (Spearman's Rho) Inhaled Cortico- Ratio steroids Maintenance Self-report Competence-1 0.